Posted this without thinking that the from: address is different to my
subscribed list address. It's been 24hrs waiting to be moderated, so I'm
guessing that it's not going to be.

I'm not sure if this is the right list for this question, but that's
kind of what I'm trying to work out, so perhaps somebody can help me :-)

I'm trying to get an Aiptek tablet working. The tablet drivers are still
beta, so I'm trying to determine if the problem is with the drivers, or
somewhere else.

I have the stylus set up as AlwaysCore, and it works OK in Gimp, so long
as I leave it disabled in the Input Devices dialog (although, obviously,
it doesn't register pressure).

If I enable the stylus device, however, when you move the stylus, the
program flickers rapidly between the stylus and the Core Pointer, making
it fairly unusable (which you can see clearly if you look at the Device
Status dialog). This is with the stylus set to screen. Set to window, it
works even less well. The irony, of course, is that the stylus *is* the
core pointer (kind of).

I've just tried with Gimp-2.0pre1, but it's basically the same as 1.2
(with respect to the tablet's behaviour, that is - otherwise, it looks
very cool indeed).

Anyway, I presume that Gimp's (Gdk's) tablet support works better than
this. Can somebody tell me what behaviour I should expect to see if I
was using a Wacom tablet, for instance?



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