Hi Kevin:

Intention wasn't to give blame or point fingers.  I am by no means an
expert in email viruses/spam issues but wanted to make sure that the topic
got brought up (for all I knew those developers weren't getting the emails
and therefore weren't aware of something that they should be and I tried
to politely make them aware.)  My first thought was: that's odd, those
guys aren't likely to be using outlook or other virus-prone mail clients.
Spoofing hadn't occurred to me but now does seem highly likely here.

Thanks David, for reminding us that we're all on the same side here: we
have in common the interest of keeping the discussion list to be a useful

If rampant email address and origin spoofing is going on, then it
really seems to change the nature of the anti-spam/anti-virus game.  It is
no longer the case that you can avoid the virus problem by being really
careful about not executing anything that you get in your mail - I was
used to thinking this way.  I don't really know how to prevent falsified
headers or how to identify list-members (?) who are originating the
insidious spoof-virus-spam.  What a pain!

Sadly, none of this has anything to do with gimp development.  It is my
hope that this virus/spoofing distraction can be resolved so that we can
get "back to business" with minimal interruption.  The mailing lists
are one of the best tools for open source development, so it is especially
disturbing to see their use being degraded in this manner.

So I likely won't respond on this thread again, but leave it up to the
experts and those doing the unsavory task of sysadmin on the mailservers
to figure out what, if anything, can be done to solve the problem.

Thanks for understanding,

Mat Caughron

P.S.  Suggestions off-list for effective open source anti-spam software
would be much appreciated.

On Sat, 21 Feb 2004, Kevin Myers wrote:
> Mat, I'm sorry, but you obviously don't know enough about this problem to be
> posting this kind of message.  I can assure you that Sven, Jernej, and the
> other developers on this list know a lot more about this problem than you
> appear to, and the problem is *NOT* on their machines.
> If you had done more research into this problem before posting your message,
> you would find that these messages are *NOT* being sent from the email
> addresses that they appear to be.  Instead, these messages are being
> generated by virus infections on other people's machines who happen to have
> Sven's and Jernej's email addresses in their contract lists.  The existence
> of their email addresses in the contact lists on these other machines is a
> very unfortunate side-effect of all of the very helpful messages that have
> been posted to this list by Sven and Jernej.  Once again, the problem is on
> the OTHER people's virus infected machines, not those of Sven and Jernej.
> The proper way to track this down is through the use of the detailed email
> headers that are sent along with each message to obtain the IP address from
> which the offending email was sent, followed by contacting the ISP that
> supplies the offending address, who should in turn be able to contact the
> owner of the virus infected machine and alert them to clean up their system.
> Unfortunately, this whole process is so time consuming that most folks
> (possibly including yourself) either aren't willing or don't have time to
> make the necessary effort.
> In any case, please be more careful to put proper blame where it belongs
> before posting future notes of this type.
> s/KAM
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> > Hi all:
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> > I'm not the list administrator, but I'd like to urge the
> > following gimp-developers to closely examine their emailing workstations
> > for viruses.
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> > Thanks,
> >
> >
> > Mat Caughron
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> >
> >      Feb 20 [EMAIL PROTECTED]    (33K) [Gimp-developer] hello
> >      Feb 20 [EMAIL PROTECTED]    (33K) [Gimp-developer]
> stolen
> >      Feb 20 [EMAIL PROTECTED]    (33K) [Gimp-developer]
> information
> >      Feb 20 [EMAIL PROTECTED]                     (33K) [Gimp-developer]
> warning
> >      Feb 20 [EMAIL PROTECTED]                 (33K) [Gimp-developer] read
> it immediately
> >      Feb 20 [EMAIL PROTECTED]    (33K) [Gimp-developer]
> something for you
> >      Feb 20 [EMAIL PROTECTED]    (33K) [Gimp-developer]
> something for you
> >      Feb 20 [EMAIL PROTECTED]                     (33K) [Gimp-developer]
> warning
> >      Feb 20 [EMAIL PROTECTED]                   (33K) [Gimp-developer] hello
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