On 21 Feb 2004, at 23:14, Mat Caughron wrote:

> It is no longer the case that you can avoid the virus problem by being
> really careful about not executing anything that you get in your mail
> - I was used to thinking this way.  I don't really know how to prevent
> falsified headers or how to identify list-members (?) who are
> originating the insidious spoof-virus-spam.  

You're still thinking the old way. :-)

Don't for one minute think that the originators had to have contact 
with Sven at one point or the other. It's enough for his name to 
appear on Usenet or anywhere else that might lead to auto-inclusion 
in the Outlook address book. 

Since Sven isn't shy about communicating his e-mail address, it's to 
be expected that viruses spoof his name and address more often than 
others. Just a matter of statistics.

branko collin
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