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I sent this yesterday to gimp-devel but I used the scam.xcf.berkeley.org server, which seems to be still having problems. Re-sending it. I'm also eaving gegldev in the CC, just to keep a common thread for cross-posts.


The major problem that this project has at the moment is its lack of structure.
There are no bosses, no maintainers, no active developers (this is a point where
I agree with Robin Rowe). I'd like to propose that the following roles be
defined and published on the site (if it ever gets updated).

Maintainer: Sven Neumann

Module owners:

Vectors: Simon Budig
Core: Sven or Mitch
perl bindings: Seth Burgess
Python bindings: ?
PDB/libgimp: ?
Plug-ins: ? (stick with plugin-maintainers?)
GAP: Wolfgang Hofer
Help: Roman Joost

GEGL nodes: Calvin Williamson
GEGL data: Dan Rogers

I've deliberately left out some obvious modules (web, because it seems that this
is now dead, for example).

What does the structure buy us? It gives people a point of access to contact if
they have suggestions, bugs, questions. It allows people who want to get code
included to contact someone directly for code review. It puts names and faces on
the organisation for magazines, articles, interviews, presentations.

It also obliges people who already have a certain amount of authority and
responsibility in the project to assume that responsibility, rather than
shirking it by saying that everyone's voice has the same weight. This is clearly
not true.

I don't expect any of the names to be particularly controversial. This is a
request for comments, though - so comment away.


Dave Neary

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