Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> What does the structure buy us? It gives people a point of access to
> contact if they have suggestions, bugs, questions. It allows people
> who want to get code included to contact someone directly for code
> review.

I think our policy is to encourage people to use bugzilla and the
mailing-lists, and not to contact developers directly. I for one do
generally not accepct any private GIMP-related mails. This doesn't
mean that I ignore them but in most cases I ask people to use the
public channels. I believe that this policy is a good thing. If we ask
people to contact developers directly, we rely on these developers
being responsive at all times (which they cannot be, they might be
busy or on vacation). We would encourage off-list discussions and
those bear the risk that imporant ideas are lost because the right
people don't hear about them. It also means that these discussions are
not archived and generally not accessible by the rest of the crew.

> It puts names and faces on the organisation for magazines, articles,
> interviews, presentations.

Is that desirable? Wouldn't it be nicer if we could show the world
that GIMP is a collaborative effort?

I agree that we need to communicate better and that in particular the
web-site should be improved. But I would rather like to emphasize the
team aspect than to put names on the official GIMP site.

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