Frank Noack <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> As first the good, i can print now with gimp2.0pre4. And now the bad. If i
> use a ppd file in the preferences from postscript level2 in gimp i lost the 
> preview and i get no printer output. Only if i dont use a ppd file for my 
> Stylus 670 with turboprint driver i get a preview and a good print. I use 
> Suse 8.2 with updatet ghostscript7.07.1rc1 (gimp-print 4.2.6), 
> turboprint1.86, cups1.1.18.

This is a problem with gimp-print. Although the gimp-print library has
gimp in the name, the GIMP developers as represented on this list, are
not involved with the gimp-print project. Thus we cannot help you.

Please check the gimp-print homepage at
http://gimp-print.sourceforge.net/. There should be information on how
you can get your question answered.


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