Hi Balazs,

Márton Balázs wrote:
So, dear guys, I have a big question: Is there somebody, who is already
working on GIMP's hungarian translation? I saw the translation of
version 1.1, but it's very incomplete and a lot of the messages are
still in english.
And if I can cooperate with my work: where can I find the latest
version's .PO file?

This is great to hear, thanks for the offer.

The translations of the GIMP are done by the GNOME i18n team and the head of the Hungarian team is listed as being Szabolcs "Shooby" Ban (shooby at gnome dot hu) - I'm sure he'd be pleased to hear from you.

The latest po files for the GIMP are in GIMP CVS (in the directories po, po-libgimp, po-plug-ins and po-script-fu).

Thanks again,

Dave Neary

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