Greets to the GIMP team from Hungary!

I love GIMP because it's equal (or sometimes better) than other great
names, like PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro. etc. And it's FREEE!!!
As I use GIMP about a few months, I ask a question to myself: "Won't it
be better if I can use GIMP in my own language, hungarian? I translate
many other programs into hungarian (like SciTE, syn, Audacity, etc.),
why can't I help to the GIMP team with my work?"
So, dear guys, I have a big question: Is there somebody, who is already
working on GIMP's hungarian translation? I saw the translation of
version 1.1, but it's very incomplete and a lot of the messages are
still in english.
And if I can cooperate with my work: where can I find the latest
version's .PO file?

I will be happy, if I can offer to you with my work:
Balázs Márton from Hungary


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