Hi Gang,

Another small suggestion.

The "Make Seamless" filter can easilly be modified to produce better-quality results. Here's the basic formula/algorithm:

1) For any area selected, shrink the selected area by 15 percent.
2) Reselect the area with Feathering turned on, set to (size_of_selected_area*.15)
3) Invert selection (This effectively selects the outside edge of the previous area selected)
4) Make Seamless.

For example, lets assume we're working with a 500x500px image:

Pick the Select tool.
Turn Feathering
Set Feathering to 80-100px
Select an area 100,100 to 400,400
Invert Selection
Make Seamless

If you compare the two (the "old" way, and this way) side-by-side, you'll see that this method produces much better results. I have been doing this trick with Propaganda for years.. It prevents everything but the edges of the selected area from being affected by the Make Seamless pass. It also minimizes the appearance of seam artifacts when running the filter on difficult-to-match edges.


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