Hi gang,

A small suggestion... Give GIMP's file selector an Auto-Preview option.

When loading images in Gimp 2.0, the user is given an area on the right-hand side of the window to Preview files before loading. This is nice....however, the act of Previewing is a manual process---The user has to highlight a file, and _then_ click on Preview in order to see it.

Why not have a setting so that a Preview of the image is generated automatically at the point when a file is selected? Sure, you don't want to automatically generate a Preview for ~900MB PNG files, but thats what setting Preferences are for. :) Give it a threshold.

I propose:

1) GIMP's file dialog automatically generate previews of images smaller than 2MB, by default.
2) An entry in the Preferences dialog where the user can control the Preview file-size threshold... how small an image has to be in order to qualify for auto-previewing. As I mentioned, give it a default of maybe 2MB or so...Small enough that the file in question to be loaded quickly, and without much resource-hogging.

When you think about it, the processing overhead would be so small that an automatic Preview could be generated in the time it takes the mousepointer to move from the filename to the Preview button. :) For those of us who work with alot of small (sub-50KB) images, it saves alot of redundant mousework. Whatcha think?


(PS.. I love 2.0 by the way. Fantastic work by everyone, all around.)

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