There is another thing that could be cleaned up in Bugzilla: moving
all 1.3.x bugs that are in RESOLVED state to the CLOSED state and
adding a comment saying that the fix is part of the official release
2.0.0 (or 2.0.1 soon).  This helps the users who are searching for
bugs by telling them in which stable release some bug was fixed.  I
got some positive feedback about that in the past, so it looks like
these comments are useful.  This can also help us by reminding us of
which bugs are only fixed in CVS or in developer's releases (RESOLVED)
and which ones are fixed in stable releases (CLOSED).

I have done that in the past for the 1.2.x releases and I can do it
again for 2.0.x.  Unfortunately, this will generate a lot of
notifications because of the additional comments that should be added.
So before starting with that, I would like to be sure that nobody
objects.  Any comments?

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