Hi Gang,

Really easy to demonstrate this one:

1) Create a 64x64 image with a black background.
2) Zoom in on it so it takes up most of your screen.
3) Select All.
4) [Script-Fu-->] Selection-->Round
5) Give it a Relative Radius value of like 0.4, and Ok it.
6) Stare in shock, amazement, and disbelief as the Round function fails to produce four symmetrically-rounded courners. :)

The rounded corners on the left side of the image will be different than the ones on the right side.

The fix for this would be pretty simple. Just perform the rounding operation on one single corner, then mirror the selection to each corner. The Round Selection fu works great on irregularly-shaped selections, but sort of borks on perfectly square selections. Humbug! :)

Is this a simple off-by-one error, or just a special case?


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