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> Hi Gang, Really easy to demonstrate this one:
> 1) Create a 64x64 image with a black background.
> 2) Zoom in on it so it takes up most of your screen.
> 3) Select All.
> 4) [Script-Fu-->] Selection-->Round
> 5) Give it a Relative Radius value of like 0.4, and Ok it.
> 6) Stare in shock, amazement, and disbelief as the Round function
> fails to produce four symmetrically-rounded courners. :)
> The rounded corners on the left side of the image will be different
> than the ones on the right side.
> The fix for this would be pretty simple. Just perform the rounding
> operation on one single corner, then mirror the selection to each
> corner. The Round Selection fu works great on irregularly-shaped
> selections, but sort of borks on perfectly square selections. Humbug!
> :)
> Is this a simple off-by-one error, or just a special case?

I'd say it's an old version of GIMP. IIRC this was fixed quite a while
ago. What version are you using?

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