Hi there, perhaps somebody out there may help me on my problems with Gimp
We installed the earlier Version Gimp 1.2.5 without any problems on our
School-Network. Than we downloaded the stable Gimp for Windows
and the GTK 2, uninstalled the earlier Versions of Gimp and the GTK 1.3
and installed than the gtk+-2.2.4-20040124-setup.zip (3620KB) and afterwards
the gimp-2.0.0-i586-setup-1.zip
On launching the Gimp, the following messages appear and the gimp breaks
Dos-Window: (gimp-2.0.exe:580): GLib-Critical **: file gconvert.c: line 498
(G_convertion 'str != NULL' failed

Error-Message: Die Anweisung in "0x78001d0b" verweis auf Speicher in
"0x00000000". Der Vorgang "read" konnte nicht auf dem Speicher durchgeführt

Has anybody an Idea how to get rid off this problems?
We work with windows 2000
Thank you for your help
Jonas Witte

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