> I can think of a lot of reasons for Dave to a) remove the image and b)
> keep the image removed. This discussion being the first one (even
> without considering the positions exchanged [1]). I certainly won't ask
> him to put it up again because this is of no vital interest to me.

I know that it was me who triggered that. Why can't you believe this? I hope 
Dave will clarify this on the list so that you can take it for granted.

> What a pity. This could have been an interesting discussion.

One of the reasons that I will not "discuss" this with you is that I feel you 
are more interested in "discussing" per se than what happens to the baby and 
the photo. "Discussing" is of no interest to me with regards to this picture. 
I felt it should not be on the site, for the baby's sake, and Dave felt so, 
too. There is no way for me to make you feel so, too, because you are so 
attached to the wording I choose, and to the structure of my arguments. To 
convince Dave, I needed no arguments, and no structure, but a short message 
sufficed. That Dave removed his own picture should be enough argument for 

This is not "getting too hot" for me, but I consider it a waste of time to 
"discuss" with persons of your mindset. I knew that Dave would not be that 
kind of person, and that is why I mailed him privately. I never wanted to 
"discuss" this on the Gimp developer's list. All I can do know is not defend 
myself, but to clarify the wording of the private mail I sent to Dave for all 
you others, who never were intended to see it.

Best regards,
Markus Triska.
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