First, I apologize in advance for my poor english, I'm french and not so 
gifted for language.

Second, I have to present myself and why I'm writing to this list although I'm 
not (and will not be) a GIMP programmer.
I'm part of a "free software user group" (free in the mean of french word 
"libre", of course). We try to devellop free software and take part of 
several manifestations (local, national or international). In order to 
introduce free software to person who doesn't know what free software is (and 
to non computer familiar people), I write what I called the "fiches 
libres" (we can traduce that by "free tips", but you still have to remain 
that it is freedom and not free of charges).
Each tip is a brief resume of one (and only one) aspect of free software 
(fundamental freedoms, open stantards, GNU/Linux, etc.). You can get it at or 
website : http://www.aldil.org/projets/fiches_libres/ (french only)
And so what about The GIMP ? I'm coming :). For the 9th tip, I wanted to write 
about a brillant, symbolic and successful project. As a presentation of what 
is exactly a free software project.
... And after some (not so hard) discutions we decided for The GIMP.

Third, of course I have some questions :)

I could find some history piece about the GIMP development on the gimp.org 
website. I can find everything I want about what it is possible to do with 
The GIMP under the web (but that is not the subject of the tip). But I have a 
very little information about _how_ The GIMP has been and is developped. How 
many contributors ? from where ? What is the role of the Berkeley 
University ? Does Peter Mattis (and others) codes it on his free time or as 
employed ? Does The GIMP have sponsors (finantial or in other form) ?

I supposed that if you read this mail, it's because you have done something 
for The GIMP. If you have some time to waste, I'm interrested by everyone 
story (even if you have only write a very little patch).

And for the sysadmin, is it possible to have some numbers, such as the CVS 
log, the website statistic, the mailman log ? even I won't published those 
datas, it's always very interresting to extract some numbers on a quite long 
periode such as the gimp developpment one. (if it isn't possible, I'll 
interstand that)

Many thanks for those who read all my awfully spelled and long message, and 
for those who will answer :)

Mr YouP. 
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