I've seen a bunch of messages with the title "Gimp 2.0" in the list which were absolutely, definitively off-topic.

As a reminder, this list is intended for discussion about gimp development-related issues. Many of the discussions are kept on IRC but since not everyone is awake at all times and not everyone is on IRC this is^H^Hshould be a good means for communication between developers and perhaps to receive suggestions, feedback or casual comments by users.

So please let's adopt the good habit of sticking an [OT] tag to the messages that are off-topic or go off-topic (where on-topic is more or less defined above but with a bit of relaxation). Comments about the list itself can be marked with the [META] tag as this one, though this is just my suggestion instead of common practice.

Also, perhaps there is consensus on that the lists should be moderated. If so,

- How many people don't agree about it being moderated?

- Is there someone who volunteers to moderate the list? I'd offer myself but I'm afraid that my job won't allow me to cope with that.

Pedro Gimeno

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