Geert Jordaens wrote:
> I've modified the unsharp plugin and added a preview 
> functionality to it.  How do I share it, do I sent it to 
> someone for review? 

Branko Collin wrote:
> You should probably check first to see if a bug report 
> for this has already been opened, and if people have 
> already been working on previews. 

There is in fact a bug report (#52374) called "Some plugins
lack a preview area".  There has been some discussion a
while ago on this mailing list of the possibility of 
creating a "standard" preview widget for plug-ins to use.
This is on the to-do list, but nobody is actually working
on it at the moment as far as I know.  In the meantime, 
there has been little work on previews for individual plug-ins
because of the likelihood that in the near future they would
be obsoleted.  You can find an archive of the mailing list at

Anyway, the approach that is most convenient for everybody
is to do this:

1) Register the plug-in in the GIMP Plug-In Registry 
   (, and put the source code there
   so that people can download it.
2) Send a message to this list saying how to download
   the plug-in, and asking for people to test it and
   consider it for inclusion in the main distribution.

  -- Bill

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