"William Skaggs" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>   I'd like to bring up what appears to be a conflict between 2.0 and
> 2.1 that will become relevant as soon as a tarball of 2.1 is released.
> Building 2.1 causes the version info in pkgconfig/gimp-2.0.pc to
> be set to 2.1.  This means that any plug-in built thereafter will be
> installed in 2.1, and there is no way to install new plug-ins for 2.0
> without doing something kludgy.
>   Either that, or I'm missing something :-).

I explained the versioning scheme in a mail to this list. You
obviously missed that. Here it is again:

  The version number has been changed to 2.1.0. We plan to have the
  gimp-2.2 plug-in API completely backward compatible to gimp-2.0.
  Nevertheless most versions have been bumped to 2.1 for now. This is
  to avoid confusion when both the gimp-2.0 and the development branch
  are installed. It does _not_ mean that you can install gimp-2.0 and
  gimp-2.1 into the same prefix. The two installations are _not_
  disjunct, you need to keep them in separate prefixes!

  When we approch gimp-2.2, we will probably change most version
  numbers back to the GIMP API version which is 2.0.

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