I have put together a first pass at a plug-in for working
with exif data -- the code can be downloaded from the registry,
at http://registry.gimp.org/plugin?id=4153

  It places itself in the menu as "Filters->Generic->Exif Browser".

  Here are the contents of the README file:

GIMP Exif Browser
Copyright (C) 2004  William Skaggs [EMAIL SUPPRESSED]
This is a Gimp 2.0 plug-in that permits the user to view EXIF data
from jpeg files.  EXIF data is meta-data created by many digital
cameras, containing information about the image and the circumstances
under which it was created.  The plug-in is based on the code for the
gtk-exif-browser widget developed by the libexif project (see
http://sourceforge.net/projects/libexif).  In fact it is little more
than a wrapper around that widget.
To be able to use this, you must [1] have libexif installed (download
it from the sourceforge site), and [2] have built Gimp with libexif
support (this basically means that you need to have installed libexif
before you built Gimp, or else you need to rebuild it).
Note that many jpeg files do not contain EXIF data.  If this plug-in
does not show anything and you think it should, please install my
meta-data plug-in, available from the Gimp Plug-in Registry, and use
it to check whether the image has an attachment called
"jpeg-exif-data".  If it does not, then the problem has nothing to do
with this plug-in.  If it does but you can't view it, then it is a
bug, and I would like to hear about it.
Currently the plug-in only works on images loaded from jpeg files, and
does not allow the EXIF data to be altered by the user, only viewed.
These things will change in later releases.


Any feedback is welcome.

  -- Bill


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