>From: Simon Budig <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>> Could you read the sketchpad.pdf and check how it differs from
>> how the path tool is handled?
>It would be your task to explain to explain to me what you want. As I
>said earlier I am quite satisfied with the way it works now.

No. It is better that some of you too will read about the topic.
The provided sketchpad paper has a good framework, and I would
like to know if that gives any ideas to anyone of you.

My posting was not meant for unwilling persons like you, but for
anyone who could read the papers and fit the strong ideas given in
the papers to GIMP.

>Also, the path tool deals with bezier curves, the paper does not.
>The path tool handles polygonal line segments, the paper does not
>(only single straight lines).

Please don't read too narrow-mindedly. The Sketchpad has been
used to construct more complex geometries than a single stright line.
Read the whole paper, don't stop to first figure.

The framework in Sketchpad is the most important part (not the curves):
the constraints and the object oriented data management. It can be used
for any new objects, including Bezier curves.

Last I ckecked, your framework in Path Tool was not used in the
rectangle selection tool nor in crop tool. Can you put your
framework to a form in which I may use it to code new unirectangle
and new crop tool for us? We need not to check new frameworks
if existing ones are good enough; and they are good enough if they
can be used to program new tools.

>For circles a significant different way to handle them has become quite
>standard for vector applications. And I'd prefer to match the handling
>in other recent programs than a paper from 1963.

Qoca constraints solver papers have been published quite recently (200?).
The papers with good intro sections has been published at 199?.

What papers you have been reading? Does your framework in Path Tool
implement any constraints based manipulations?

Just read the papers and check if they raise up any ideas.

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