1) When the jpeg loader finds EXIF data, it creates a parasite
called "jpeg-exif-data".  EXIF data is not specific to jpeg files,
though, and having differently named parasites for "tiff-exif-data",
etc, makes things unnecessarily difficult, as far as I can see.  Can
this be renamed as simply "exif-data"?

2) If libexif is available, then the jpeg loader creates a jpeg-exif-data
parasite regardless of whether the file actually contains exif
data; if not, the parasite is just a bare header.  Would it be preferable
to not create a parasite in this case?

3) In devel-docs/parasites.txt, a standard parasite called "rendering-intent"
is defined.  I think this is based on a misunderstanding.  Rendering
intents come into play when you convert an image from one colorspace
to another -- often the best way of doing the conversion is a function
of the intended use of the result:  printing, CRT viewing, etc.  That
is, a rendering intent is a property not of an image but of an
image transformation.

  -- Bill

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