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> 3) In devel-docs/parasites.txt, a standard parasite called "rendering-intent"
> is defined.  I think this is based on a misunderstanding.  Rendering
> intents come into play when you convert an image from one colorspace
> to another -- often the best way of doing the conversion is a function
> of the intended use of the result:  printing, CRT viewing, etc.  That
> is, a rendering intent is a property not of an image but of an
> image transformation.

I've two comments on this: first some image format store a rendering
intent, and this setting should be preserved, and the natural place to do it is a 

And second, rendering intent is a property of a image transformation, but
there needs to be a way to select the actual image transformation, so the
rendering intent _is_ a property of the image just like a image comment

Think of it that way: an image using pseudocolour should probably be
rendered with wide colour spread. This is a property of a the image, i.e.
exact colours are not important. The rendering intent is used to select,
out of a set of colour transforms, one that best preserves this aspect of
the image.

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