William Skaggs wrote:

This is an announcement that I've placed in the Gimp PlugIn
Registry a plug-in for viewing and interacting with image parasites. It can be found in the 2.0 category, under the
name "meta-data". I have only tested it in Linux. There is
no obvious reason why it should fail to work in other OS's,
but no guarantees either.

It works fine on Win32. If anyone wants to try it, get it from
http://schumaml.gmxhome.de/downloads/gimp/metadata-bin.zip and place the executable contained in this zip file into one of your plug-in directories. The plug-in was built against the stable 2.0 branch.

3) It might be possible to attach a color profile to an image and have
   it included when you save a TIFF file -- I haven't been able to
   test this, though, so don't get excited yet.

Maybe someone could give some tips on how this is done? Might make some of the "I need CMYK, though I don't know what it really is" users very happy :)

You cannot use this plug-in to work with EXIF data, unfortunately:  it
is stored in a binary format that requires special handling.

Any plans to add this in the future?


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