Michael Schumacher wrote:
>> 3) It might be possible to attach a color profile to an image and have
>>    it included when you save a TIFF file -- I haven't been able to
>>    test this, though, so don't get excited yet.
> Maybe someone could give some tips on how this is done? Might make some
> of the "I need CMYK, though I don't know what it really is" users very
> happy :)

Here is a method that ought to work, but please note that this 
suggestion is completely untested because my system does not have
any color management support.  If you load a TIFF file that contains
a color profile, you should see it in the parasite list in the plug-in.
If you save that parasite to a file, you ought to be able to load
that file as a new parasite for a different image -- using the same
parasite name as the one you saved, of course -- and then it ought to 
be attached when you save the image in TIFF format.

Now of course this is a ridiculous kludge, and I'm sure that as soon
as I have time to figure out how color profiles are stored on a system,
I'll be able to make it work more correctly.

  -- Bill

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