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> I just wanted to let you know that I'm still there to attend to some
> usability issues!
> Roman and I did some usability testing, and we wrote an article for the
> German Linux User based on the findings. In the meantime, we were both
> quite occupied with working for our offices, but now we started
> translating the results into English and to form some suggestions. We'll
> soon post them on the list!

I'm looking forward to see the results. Now is a really good time for
discussing usability issues. We are willing to do quite some changes
to the user interface for GIMP 2.2.

> This week, I'll do three or four more tests, and I'll also show them the
> Wiki page to make them think about a good menu structure. It's really a
> great idea to provide a Wiki page for that concern!! I'm also planning
> to do some card sorting to learn more about the user's cognitive
> representation of the menu items and use the page as a basis for that.

Yes, the Wiki is probably a good place to develop some proposals. But
it's also important to bring the results back to the mailing list from
time to time. And perhaps also bring up problems that show up while
working on the Wiki.

It would be great to have at least the Wiki -> XML conversion
available so that the proposed menu layout can be played with. IIRC,
Bolsh said he wanted to give it a try but he he also said that he
won't get around to it during the next weeks. Perhaps someone else
wants to give this a try earlier? It would really be nice to have.

We will be doing a 2.1.0 release in a couple of days to make it easier
for people to play with the new stuff.

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