On Wed, 5 May 2004, Ellen Reitmayr wrote:

> Hi all,
> I just wanted to let you know that I'm still there to attend to some
> usability issues!
> Roman and I did some usability testing, and we wrote an article for the
> German Linux User based on the findings. In the meantime, we were both
> quite occupied with working for our offices, but now we started
> translating the results into English and to form some suggestions. We'll
> soon post them on the list!

I look forward to reading that.

> This week, I'll do three or four more tests, and I'll also show them the
> Wiki page to make them think about a good menu structure. It's really a
> great idea to provide a Wiki page for that concern!! I'm also planning
> to do some card sorting to learn more about the user's cognitive
> representation of the menu items and use the page as a basis for that.

Great!  That would be very helpful!


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