Branko Collin wrote:
However, anyone who uses a pre-compiled build cannot know beforehand what part of the bugs are build related, and what part GIMP related. Especially MS Windows users, who may not (and should not!) have a concept of build versus source distribution to begin with, may find it difficult to make the distinction.

Would it be useful to devise a system in which all users can file GIMP related bug reports, whether they have bearing only on the build they are using or on all of the GIMP?

I definitely agree with that.

The correct thing to do with bugs reported against the installer is, IMHO, to add jernej as a CC, set the component to Win32, and then leave it alone, and open. That way, Jernej can use our bug tracker, perhaps teach us a thing or two about windows along the way, and neither he nor our windows users feel like they aren't considered good enough to be in the GIMP crowd.

Jernej's installers are a great service, and if we don't want him to stop (and I know I don't), and bit more tolerance is called for. Currently, we don't even tell people how they should report bugs against the installer, the bugs are just closed NOTGNOME.

Of course, this would put the burden of triage on the GIMP developers who are currently doing that, but it might avoid reporters being scared away by curt WONTFIX replies.

These bugs are already being triaged as RESOLVED NOTGNOME. Changing the component, adding a CC and leaving the bug open takes as much time, and is a lot friendlier.


Dave Neary

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