as you might (or might not) have noticed, the wiki at http://wiki.gimp.org is becoming a really useful resource for The GIMP. There are, however, a few problems that should be looked at.

In short words, these are look, content and configuration.


The wiki just doesn't look like a gimp site, but a MoinMoin wiki site. At least the logo should be replace by a wilber logo. Preferably, the layout should resemble the www.gimp.org and developer.gimp.org.

However, given the various problems that rose during the website move, I don't think anyone should waste time for creating a layout that will be considered inappropriate for the wiki.


Sooner or later, the content of a wiki will become a mess. Everyone creates page names just like he wants, there are a lot of unfinished pages, duplicates, ...
Just remove them, you say? Well, if I read the wiki help correctly, this is not possible without having an account to and enough priviledges on the system where the wiki is installed. Other wikis offer this in their web interface, MoinMoin apparently doesn't.


Some additional, quite useful features of the wiki have to be enabled by the administrator. Mail notification, other url protocols, file uploads, ...

So, I'd like to have the following questions answered:

- is there anyone who feels responsible for the wiki?
- does anyone feel responsible for bugs reported against the wiki?
- how should theese bugs and feature requests be reported?
- who has the needed priviledges to do the kind changes mentioned above?

And, just in case "no", "not at all" or "no one" are the answers, what can be done to change this?


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