Earlier on in the week I asked if someone would volunteer to add
some information to the website, and unfortunately to date that
hasn't happened.

I would do it myself, if I had the time. But I won't have the
time until the week after next, probably. And then we'll be under
5 weeks from GUADEC.

It seems like we don't have a web team any more (please, if
someone is looking after www.gimp.org, correct me here). If
that's the case, are there other people willing to fill this
void? There are people who would like to contribute to the GIMP,
and they currently can, tax-deductibly in the US, in 3 different

Can we please get this information up on the site this weekend,
and get it publicised early next week so that we can finally see
where we are in relation to paying expenses? For the moment, we
are stuck around $1400 which won't pay 1 plane ticket from the US
at this stage (although it would have 2 weeks ago).


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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