I've been working on our load/save plug-ins lately and changed the
file type names as displayed in the Open/Save dialogs to be more
descriptive (and translatable). I've used the strings from the Free
Desktop shared-mime-info package whenever possible.

Doing this I have touched all our file plug-ins and found most of them
rather useful. There's one though that I think should be removed from
the standard distribution. Perhaps it's just me who doesn't see much
use in the HRZ file format. Here's a comment from the source
explaining the format:

 * The HRZ file is always 256x240 with RGB values from 0 to 63.
 * No compression, no header, just the raw RGB data.
 * It is (was?) used for amatuer radio slow-scan TV.

Since our file format menu is definitely starting to grow too large I
suggest we remove this plug-in from the distribution and put the
source code into the plug-in registry instead. Are there any

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