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Sorry, but what other scripts or plug-ins are you referring to? IMO it
would be a good thing to have a simple and fast plug-in that does the
job w/o a dialog and I fail to see what other plug-in would provide
this functionality.

Convolution matrix, and there are scripts floating around that give matrix presets.


calling the convolution matrix plug in and scripts to preset it a simple replacement ?
Please rephrase that to a powerful replacement that can be used by the more then average(new) gimp user.
Would this mean having a script-fu menu entry fill convolution matrix for : blur/sharpen/edge detect etc.

1. simple and fast blur operation as it is known in other graphical programs will help new gimp users to get arround.
2. when using the randomize option the preview makes no "real" sense since by nature you'll never get twice the same result.
3.Instead of executing the blur option multiple times one could use a bigger kernel (5x5, 7x7) as often used. This would suggest a dialog box.
4. If a bigger blur is needed use the gausian blur instead of repeating.
5.Writing a script to repeat the plugin multiple times would be a better option then calling a script to fill the convolution matrix.
at least the script could be used to repeat all plug-ins. Or why not add a menu option repeat last plugin n times.


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