Sven Neumann wrote:

I'd like to get some feedback on the following plan for the Blur
(details are in

The plan is to remove the randomize and repeat functionality.
So the question is, is anyone actually using this
functionality? Are there scripts out there that rely on
plug-in-blur-randomize to be available?

Is it possible to remove the dialog without removing the options?

Also, I skimmed the bug report, which was initially about a preview.
Another random thought (based on my previous 'impossible' one: Does it
seem possible to make a 'fixed' preview area somewhere (maybe in the
layers dialog?) that all plugins have access to, instead of
reimplementing each one?  Then maybe have this preview area call into
the plugin to update itself when the user interacts with it?

I realize this may not be a practical thing, but it may be something
that someone else could run with ...


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