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>Subject: Re: [Gimp-developer] 
>I get the impression that you did not understand how the key modifiers
>of the selection tools work. I admit that it's not obvious but it's a
>very powerful concept that I would hate to loose.

Multiple selection tools. There is always room for an alternative
way to make selections. There is no need to modify existing tools
if they are good. Just copy the code of an existing tool and
modify it.

Just a reminder: I would need that unirectangle selection tool.

>If you go to another image the tool is resetted, the dialog is closed
>and a new dialog is opened so your argument doesn't hold up.

That is very annoying because the new dialog window pops up at
the pointer. Unless in GIMP 2.0 new dialogs goes automatically to
a dock.

Sometimes closing the old one and opening a new one is totally
not wanted: it would be impossible to compare the color levels
of two images if only one level dialog can be open at a time.

I'm still using GIMP 1.2.3 but those problems could still be
present in GIMP 2.0 -- please verify yourself, I cannot do it.


About the path tool: could Shift (or any) be used to cycle
between modes? Would that reduce button-modifier-overloading?
The modes could sort theirself to the most-recently-used order,
in which case cycling starts always at the top mode. Cycling
would stop when modes has been selected for, e.g., 2 seconds
and would stop when user does something else than press the Shift.

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