On Sat, Jun 12, 2004 at 05:13:42PM +0200, Thorsten Wilms wrote:
> I was very thankful for Greg writing somethink like I self 
> could have written (allthough with less good and nice wording),
> therfor I want to show some support.
> On Sat, Jun 12, 2004 at 07:41:49AM -0700, Carol Spears wrote:
> > 
> > i took on a project that no one wanted to do for the gimp.  everyone
> > whose opinions i was representing near to the end of this project were
> > more important to me than the one or two people who destroyed it.
> > 
> > my project was destroyed (the gimp web site for the users) by a man
> > making decisions about what information users need who has, to the best
> > of my knowledge, not even on the gimp-user mail list.
> I don't see the connection to your recent posts. What gives you the 
> right to write such negative, troublemaking, prtly irrational  posts 
> (that are extremely hard to parse btw) on a public list?
> And you wrote about protecting some people. I wonder who's going to 
> protect people from you?
well, these developers have demonstrated that they will not protect me.
continuing to play with them makes you constantly review the facts and
what you are doing.

my mom perhaps led me astray when she taught me that always doing the
best that you can to produce the best results and trying to not interfer
with others doing the same was the best way to live.

i am still bitter about the web site project.  it is the first time i
saw these guys doing stupid things.  doing these stupid things with joy
and glee even.

the fact that i know i had the good opinion of the people running
things, the people who got things going to begin with and the people
seriously trying to use the app makes me a little crazy when stupid
things start to occur.

this "public list" is for developers.  show me your contribution, i will
show you more respect.  i might even go out of my way to protect you.

also, you can give me a break some what.  i am answering mail from a
person who thinks that the gimp will be more popular once it installs
for him.  i find this to be more funny than anything and the actual
developers on this list also feel this way.

> > perhaps if you reseached the issues, asked some of the original
> > developers what the deal is you would write something both unpleasant
> > and factual about me.
> Most people wnat to be understood (even by broader audience).
> But you require research?
yep.  this is a developer list. 

perhaps you could provide some examples of email sent on lists for the
propietary developers.  if you are running a company, you want the
developers to spend their time well.  some of the developers who read
this list are gah, worth so much on the open market.

they have me to babble on like this when idiots send mail on the
developer list.  hopefully our more valuable ass-ets are out having some
fun this weekend and leaving me to do this stuff.

the best developer mail is full of opinionated assholes and weirdos
slapping and punching it out.  this stuff we get now is so boring and

how many different ways can you explain to fix your distribution and
still be what?  nice?

yes, some research please.  these guys time is very valuable and should
be spent on real problems.

> > until then, you are being unpleasant and unfactual.  
> Unpleasant and in some way even unfactual was limited to posts
> from you Carol, IMHO.
okay, lord knows, not all my facts are correct.  if you can paste
something i said that is clearly wrong, i will apologize and do what i
can to fix it.

if you find my interactions unpleasant, okay.  i have a list of people
responsible for this starting with my mom and dad.  they taught me right
from wrong in many ways.  i dont know if going to the origins of this
unpleasantness will help me now, but it has been around a very long

does the actual app work for you?


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