> [Invalid UTF-8] Kiszolgáló: oval-buttons.pl: gimp_display_new: procedural
> database execution failed at ./oval-buttons.pl line 144 (DIE)
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/cvs/wmi/ui> 1087502561: closing connection 9 (136 requests in 0
> seconds)
> Am I using gimp_display_new() in a wrong way? But during standalone run it
> works well... Why?

If I cut lines 144 and 145, then it works OK:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/cvs/wmi/ui> time ./oval-buttons.pl -font_size_pixels 11
-text_string Fast
1087503061: accepted unix connection
1087503061: closing connection 9 (133 requests in 0 seconds)

real    0m0.132s
user    0m0.090s
sys     0m0.000s

This is really nice (another 4 times of speedup). However, it would be
great if I will be able to decide if gimp_display_new() is prohibited to
run or not (within the script), i.e. to know if my script was called
without any parameters.

TIA, Zoltan

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