On Thu, 17 Jun 2004, Seth Burgess wrote:

> I'd recommend putting the call inside an 'eval' block, so that it
> failing doesn't stop the execution of the script.

Sorry, I'm here again... ;-)

If I run the attached script without parameters, then I can see that gimp
appears and I can generate my needed image. But with parameters (without
the appearing gimp window), I get the following:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/home/wmi/cvs/wmi/ui> ./oval-0707.pl -output_file FILENAME \
-font_size_pixels 11 -text_string TEXT
oval-buttons.pl: gimp_text_get_extents_fontname: procedural database
execution failed at ./oval-buttons.pl line 64 (DIE)

I cannot 'eval' it out, because I need the data captured in line 64.

Could you please help?

TIA, Zoltan

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