David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > My personal feeling is that it would be best to work from the preview
> > widget developed by Shawn Amundson and Ernst Lippe.  It certainly has
> > some issues, but I think they are fixable, and it would be a shame to
> > waste the huge amount of effort Ernst put into it.  I've been working
> > with Ernst's code, and can put it into CVS if that would be useful.  
> I agree with you on this. And currently the blockage to Ernst's
> code getting committed seems more personality than technical.

My reasons for not liking the API proposed by Ernst are completely
technical. After GIMPCon I will certainly find the time to summarize
the problems once more. I am sure we can use quite a lot of the work
that Ernst has been doing but I don't think the proposed API should be
put into CVS as is. After all it's a public API that we will have to
live with for quite some time.

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