Hi all!

Well, continuing with my work on creating a usable PDB function for 


I decided to heavily revamp the code, as I've seen it leaves a lot to be 
desired. Attached is the latest version of the patch. Note that my work is by 
no means finished.

This patch includes the modification done in the gimpressionist PDB 
modifications, just as a convenience for me. Nevertheless, I would recommend 
applying the PDB stuff to the CVS beforehand, and then I'll create a new 
patch against CVS Head.

Changes I made include:

1. Moved all the non-static globals to one module.

2. Created functions out of duplicate code.

3. Eliminated function parameters that are always the same. (and accessed the 
relevant globals instead).

4. Replaced commented-out code with #if 0 ... #endif blocks.

5. Eliminated some memory leaks.

6. Created a new module - utils.c - with utility functions that as a general 
rule don't modify the state of the program.

The other past and future versions of the patch can be found here:


Or if you have DNS resolution problems:



        Shlomi Fish

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