Just upgraded to Gimp 2.0.0 (under Mac OS X 10.3.3). Everything works
well, and most things work *much* better than the great old Gimp 1 under
Solaris I've been using for years. The 1Ghz Mac does outrun my old
400MHz Sparc machine by an enormous margin. Big win. Thanks to all you
developers for a job well done...

Except, unfortunately, for text- and it's a just user-expectation
problem. The new behavior of creating a new layer for each individual
text object by default breaks my workflow. My tasks using Gimp involve
adding literally hundreds of individual text annotations to very large
(~200Mb) multilayered image files. I realize that having text set up
to go onto separate layers and remain editable will be useful for
almost every user of the tool. But it is broken for me, since there
doesn't appear to be a way to turn this behavior off and return to the
old simple approach. My whole working style has evolved around the old
method of simply and quickly rendering it onto the active layer, which
I treat as a generic scratch layer while doing the image analysis
chores I need to do.

The only way I've found of imitating the old Gimp behavior is to
tediously "merge down" the newly created layer after each item is
entered- a very, very painful and extremely time consuming process
when working with extremely large files (each merge takes 25-30
seconds in the file I'm currently working with).

Is there a workaround? Failing that, can this be regarded as a plea
for a backwards compatible render-to-active-layer mode in the
Preferences (or tool options) for those few of us users who actually
liked it (and depended on it!) the old braindead way it was?

After RTFM and finding no workaround, I tried to check the archives of
these mailing lists for clues, but the archives I was able to locate
at lists.XCF.Berkeley.EDU haven't been re-indexed since September of
2003. A search of the rawfiles produced only discussion of the new
features, and Google searches did not provide any useful information
either. So: I'm going to the source, so to speak. (;-)

Thanks in advance for your help, and for all your efforts. Adding this
new functionality into the text tool has clearly required a lot of
effort from a lot of folks for a lot of years: sorry for the
semi-negative feedback. As I said, kudos to all of you for the hard
work it has taken to make this tool what it is!


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