Brion Vibber <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> After a lot of recompiling, I've managed to get 2.1 running from
> CVS. It seems to be doing _something_ with the clipboard, but I
> haven't yet gotten anything resembling an image out of it. Is there
> any X11-based program known to interoperate with it that I could test
> with to make sure it's working?

The easiest way to test is to use a second instance of GIMP. Another
application that is known to work is the word-processor Abiword.

Here are some links that explain how the X clipboard is supposed to
be used:


GIMP passes image data in the PNG format and announces it using the
"image/png" mimetype identifier.

> Either Gimp or GTK+ could be hacked up to use the Mac clipboard
> directly, I suppose. Any opinions on what's the correct place to do
> this?

It definitely belongs into GTK+ in the long run. Perhaps it would be
good to start a GDK backend for MacOS X that is based on the GDK-X11
backend but deals with clipboard and other interoperability issues.

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