Sven Neumann writes:
 > When an image file we open has an embedded color profile we should ask
 > the user if the image should be converted to linear sRGB (which is
 > what GIMP assumes internally). 

Er, what's "linear" about sRGB? It's gamma encoded (and that's a good
thing). Doesn't the term "linear" in the context of colour spaces mean
one with components that are linear in intensity, i.e. a linear
transformation of the CIEXYZ colour space, which sRGB isn't. Or am I

I don't know, maybe we should also allow other (more wider gamut)
internal working colour spaces than sRGB? A lot of the proprietary
software users seem to use the "Adobe RGB" colour space. I don't know
if they are just kidding themselves or whether it actually is
noticeably better to use a wider gamut when working on photographic
images. (If one uses a colour space with a much wider gamut than the
monitor, or different primaries, (most monitors are "close" to sRGB),
one definitely has to use a display profile.)

BTW, a good site with colour management info is


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