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Sven Neumann wrote:

This is also what I originally proposed at GIMPCon. I have then been
told that this would be the wrong thing to do and that we should
convert the image on load. Now that you backed up my original proposal
I tend to agree with you that converting the image data is not
feasible as long as we work with 8bit per channel.

Is there a transcript of these discussion available anywhere?

I'd certainly be interested to hear all the counter-arguments :)

Color-correcting the color-selectors is of course a must. We have put
the color display filter architecture into libgimpwidgets to be able
to implement this. It shouldn't be too hard and could be achieved for
GIMP 2.2.

The colour selectors are perhaps one of the trickier aspects of my proposal; for their RGB values to be meaningful, the transform applied to the colour selector would need to change to reflect the current image's profile.

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