Tor Lillqvist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > When I started to implement the GDK clipboard functionality I was
> > hoping there was better support for it in the win32 GDK backend.
> Thinking a bit more on it, adding support for cut&paste of images to
> gdk/win32 would probably not be hard at all. Much code from
> winclipboard.c can be reused. For interoperability with other Windows
> apps one presumably should store/accept image data in/from the Windows
> Clipboard in the predefined "CF_DIB" format (DIB ==
> "device-independent bitmap"; basically an in-core BMP I think).

The first thing to do then would be to add a GdkPixbuf module for the
"CF_DIB" format. It can be bundled with GIMP in the Win32 installer.

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