Hi all,

As everyone knows (hopefully), the GIMP won an OSI award 
recently. Part of the results of that is that the GIMP is
one of the candidates for the annual golden award (with a 
large cash prize) which will be presented to the winning 
project in Portland at the O'Reilly Open Source Conference 
in a couple of weeks. 

Is anyone here planning to go to OSCon already? And to 
answer the question before it's asked, there will be no 
cash to pay for travel or accommodation expenses. But if 
someone were already going they could be our official 
representative at the awards dinner.

Alternatively, there are several GNOME developers going 
and presenting papers that I noticed - if no-one here 
wants to go, I suggest that we ask one of them to represent 
us and pick up the prize (if we get one).

What do people think?


Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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