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Christof Lutz writes:

Could your help me in that point? I just need to know how to "grab" the point-coordinates of a click to an image!

If you go into the plug-ins/common directory of the source and grep for GDK_BUTTON_PRESS, you will find plenty of examples that will quickly show you how to do it.

I guess that Christof is asking for a way to get the coordindates of a
click into a GIMP image window, not a click on a widget in the plug-in
dialog. If that is the case, then the answer is that plug-ins can't do

yes, that's true and it's a pity that there is no way :-) So what do you suggest:

I want to mark particular points in one or more images and use the
marked coordinates in my plugin-dialog. Do you think it's the best to
create picture-buttons with more or less small thumbnails of the images
and read the coordinates of the corresponding GDK_BUTTON_PRESS? The
smaller the thumbnail, the more unprecise the coordinates I get. Is this
 way possible actually? How can I get reasonable results in respect to
the precision of the corrdinates? I always had in mind to do it that way
(create a picture-button), but I felt the results may be better if I
click into the GIMP-image itself which is unfortunately not possible.


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