> > > > The second is, I haven't looked at the code at all, but is the GIMP
 > > > > multithreaded and/or does it absolutely require a multitasking OS?
 > >   You won't be able to use any plugin without a multitasking OS...

I think what the OP really meant to ask whether GIMP requires a
*pre-emptively* multitasking OS. I.e. one that can interrupt a running
process that has exceeded its timeslice, even if it doesn't do any
system calls (or similar) that gives the kernel a chance to let
another process have the CPU. (For instance, Windows 3.1 wasn't able
to do that.) As far as I can guess, sure, GIMP might work on such a
system... as long as it has other functionality that GIMP and GTK
needs. That's the main problem, not having pre-emptive multitasking
would to me indicate there's a good chance that the OS is very lacking
in other respects, too.


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