Your remark about "focus policy" sent me to the KDE control center - and yes, it is a focus problem of sorts. I was running with "focus strictly under mouse" (CC/Look & Feel/Window Behavior/Focus). When I Change that to "Click to Focus", the menu remains until the window focus is lost. Would you do me a favor and see under which policy you run and if you get the same problem if you switch to another policy? (actually all you have to do is to detach a menu and switch focus by clicking on another window).

Still, the menu disappears after a focus lose and does not return. This can be either a KDE bug or GTK bug.

gimp 1.2 (under gtk 1.2) has no such problem since the menu has its own window, i.e.comes up with a title bar of it's own.

And I have no other gtk2 program which brings up detachable menus ...

Gnome is not an option right now. Even the installed one is broken after I updated the libg/gtk 2.4. I can't allow an upgrade the kill my KDE, which can happen :(


> That would also be my guess. I've been using Gimp with KDE 3.[012] for some > time, and although I (contrary to you) never ran into anything that I knew > should work but didn't, there surely were moments that made me doubt the > cleverness of its focus policy. Gnome 2.6.(2, currently) works better for me > with regards to that, so I recommend that you give it a shot (if possible) > and see if the problem remains, to narrow down the range of imagined > possibilities. _______________________________________________ Gimp-developer mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED] http://lists.xcf.berkeley.edu/mailman/listinfo/gimp-developer

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