On Friday 16 July 2004 07:31 am, Martin Weber wrote:

> I started to port the plugin Adaptive Contrast Enhancement to GIMP-2.0, but
> because I do not now enough about the internals I was not able to finish
> the port. I think this plugin is very usefull, so is there anyone who could
> have a look at and finish the port. Here you find it:
> http://registry.gimp.org/plugin?id=1438

I once wanted (and still want) to port the plug-in to 2.0 because it was 
requested in comp.graphics.apps.gimp, but I then saw that there are two 
different versions (Alex Stark's and yours). Have you made other changes to 
the plug-in, or did you simply start a port? I'm asking that because people 
might want to use the original ("clean") plug-in if that has become more 
wide-spread than your version, and if they differ significantly. Also, 
porting a not fully functional plug-in is quite useless.

(P.S.: I hope your version DOES differ from the initial version, because what 
I see from the sample shots of ace, the results do not look very impressive.)

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