Joseph Heled <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Perhaps this is nitpicking, but would like your comments.
> (gimp 2.0.3)
> After decomposing an image to HSV (in layers mode),
> Filters/Colors/Compose brings up the following dialog:
>    (*) RGB       Red - image-HSV.jpg-3/value-8
>                Green - image-HSV.jpg-3/value-8
>                 Blue - image-HSV.jpg-3/value-8
> i.e. assumes RGB, and gives all channels the same layer.
>   1. If it possible to infer somehow that what I want (by default) is
>      HSV, i.e the reverse? Even cluing on the layer names would work
>      for the case where I make some changes in one layer and want to
>      convert back.

Sure, the plug-in is far from perfect. There's some code in compose.c
that tries to guess some useful default values for the layers it
preselects. This code could certainly be improved. I am not sure
though if it makes sense to attempt to guess the compose mode from the
given layer names. It's probably more useful to remember the last used
mode (which is what the plug-in does already).

>   2. Even assuming I have to check HSV manually, why not give the
>      first 3 layers (when they exist) as the default?
>    (for that to work, the order of the dialog has to match the order
>    of created layers. right now it is the reverse)

As I said, IIRC there's already some code that attempts to select the
layers called hue, value, saturation if you select HSV mode. It
doesn't seem to work very well though. We would happily accept a patch
that improves this.

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